The Tecnimede Group seen by its employees



"In the last 10 years as a Sales Representative at the Tecnimede Group, I have worked with Central Nervous System, Gastroenterology, Urology and Cardiovascular areas, and have had the opportunity to acquire a broad scientific knowledge. During this time, I have grown personally and professionally, and have had the opportunity to proudly participate in the success of Tecnimede.

Today, being a Sales Representative at Tecnimede, means to promote innovation in Health with competence and perseverance. It is to build a better future! "


Willian Mesquita – Manufacturing Operator

“I was very well received at Atlantic Pharma (Tecnimede Group). I am a foreigner and the company trusted me by giving me this opportunity. It is a fair company and has always done everything that it has promised, which counts a lot for an employee I have great trainers, colleagues and supervisors and I feel I can progress in here. Thank you!”


Ingride Paupério - Regulatory Affairs Manager

"Working for Tecnimede Group is to work for a dynamic company that is constantly growing and expanding, collaborating with dedicated and excellent professionals, belonging to a Portuguese multinational pharmaceutical group and participating in the consolidation of its internationalization. By developing my work in the regulatory area dedicated to the internationalization of the company, the contact with different cultures is frequent and the registrations related to entering new markets is so challenging. As such, the 11 years in which I have worked at the Tecnimede Group have been a constant learning and experience and enrichment which allowed me to grow professionally. "

foto_Marina Fonseca.jpg

Marina Fonseca – Supervisor of Microbiology Laboratory

My name is Marina Fonseca and I have been at Atlantic Pharma (Tecnimede Group) for five years as a Supervisor of the Microbiology Laboratory in the Quality Control Department.

Every day is a challenge, with a lot of work and continuous learning, and so this is a company where I feel motivated year after year.

Thanks to the leadership and teamwork of the whole department, the obstacles are managed in the best way and exceeded with great commitment of everyone.

Working here has contributed a lot to my personal, scientific and professional growth.

Thank you.


Sofia Carvalhinho - Former Trainee Talent ACADEMY OF gtm talent academy & current in-LICENSING & BUSINESS DEVELOPer

"Working for the Tecnimede Group allows us to access a reality whitch is not very common in Portugal: the local centralization of all its core activities, even if inserted in an industry with international representation. Professional development is really encouraged, allowing for steady growth. The Talent Academy was an excellent gateway for someone who, like me, wanted to start a career in this field. The training process gives us a holistic view of a pharmaceutical industry while at the same time acquiring on-the-job training in each of the steps involved in the R & D process, production, registration and marketing of a drug. In this way, it allows us to integrate theory with practice and make an informed decision about which areas we most identify with. "